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Hiring is harder than ever for basically every startup. The rush of investment into tech companies in recent years has created more demand for skilled workers than humans can currently meet.

But you can still get the talent you need if you get the details right. Especially if you know how to take advantage of the new trends in distributed work.

From a compelling vision, to global compensation plans, to custom “offer decks” for key candidates, top tech recruiters shared what they’re doing to help companies land the people they need at TechCrunch Disrupt this year. Here’s a closer look at what I heard from the panelists, who included: Jaime Bott, talent partner at Sequoia, Tawni Nazario-Cranz, operating partner at Signalfire, and Doris Tong, founder and CEO of EQ Talent Group.

They also talked about how they work with startups from early to later-stage funding and provided fresh stats on what they’re seeing in their portfolios. Which is where we’ll begin.

The state of distributed recruiting

Only part of the startup world is taking the plunge into fully distributed work, from what the panelists are seeing.

But all startups are having to think about hiring by Zoom instead of the traditional in-person interview marathons that defined recruiting in previous years. And most companies are going to be offering distributed-work options long term.

In a recent survey of Sequoia portfolio startups, “roughly 60% are going to be a hybrid model” of in-office and distributed, said Jaime Bott, “roughly 20% will be fully remote and roughly 20% are planning on having everyone back to the office five days a week.”

This last group is “having a harder time recruiting, because people are really looking for more flexibility now,” she noted.

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