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We bring together

design and technology experts that are at the top of their game in order to help your new business idea flourish. Our team’s collective experience and combined network is focused on the success of your business.

Bayou City Lab’s incredible reputation is built
on the success of our partnerships.

Your success is our success. Bayou City Lab was featured on Houston’s top startups to watch in 2020 for a good reason. We focus on every detail it takes to move your Black-owned software development business forward. Your innovative ideas and entrepreneurial drive combined with our incredible networks and collection of experts makes for a magical partnership.

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We can help you to build your minority-owned software development business from scratch and/or fund your in-progress prototype.
Do you want to build a product with us?
We not only provide financial reports but also strategies that deliver. This is how you can create growth in your company.
Our experienced team members help you to polish and tailor your message to get the investor capital you need to move your business forward.
At Bayou City Lab, we trust in the facts and market research is a
keystone in moving your business forward

Our market research team at BCL Studios leads the way in experience and expertise.
Black technology companies can trust in our commitment to the data we gather
through consumer and competitive analysis.

BCL Studio’s team doesn’t leave any details vital to your success to chance. Creating a strong business plan to pitch to potential investors is key. Bayou City Lab is committed to excellence in every aspect. You can trust that every piece of your minority-owned software development business idea will be scrutinized and polished.

Pitch sessions can be intimidating, but they are key to gaining important investor interest in your Black technology. With BCL Studio, our team of seasoned experts help you to create a polished pitch package with a clear plan of attack that perfectly outlines your vision. When you’re confident in the details, you can focus on bringing your passion and expertise to the pitch table.

Want to build a product with us?
Already working on a prototype or MVP?

Do you already have a prototype or minimum viable product? Bayou City Lab’s BCL Ventures can help you to fund it to fruition. Our investment team is a powerful collection of professionals. We partner with early-stage technology-driven entrepreneurs to change the face of industry. Whether you develop your idea through BCL Studios or externally, our passionate team of investors loves working with cutting-edge minority-owned software development entrepreneurs.

Bayou City Lab’s BCL Studio and BCL Ventures is a combined force that exists to help our clients transform their Black-owned software development ideas into vibrant and prosperous businesses. We are passionate about technology and entrepreneurs. Our diverse team brings together decades of combined experience and excellence to focus on the success of our forward-thinking, technology-driven entrepreneurial partners.

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